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Kim has been in the Fire Fighting and Petrochemical industry and has owned  6 successful companies over the past 25 years.  Canstar International, Utah – Ace Security Laminates and Dalmatian Fire Equipment to name a few.  Kim acquired SCBA Sales & Rentals Co in 2012 and has made it his priority to provide a large variety of breathing air equipment and PPE at affordable prices.

Others may claim to be the largest supplier of Reconditioned Self Contained Breathing Apparatus in North America. But the reality is Kim has sold over 50,000 SCBA in to 52 countries making him the largest reseller of SCBA on the planet.     Kim started his first company Dalmatian Fire Equipment in 1994, and has provided the highest quality of reconditioned SCBA to volunteer fire dept’s, municipalities, oil field safety companies, refineries, gas plants, mines, drilling / service rigs, airports fire brigades, international air force, naval bases, marine, hazmat and the list goes.  In 1997, Kim expanded his operations from Canada and established a US division in Utah to serve his fast growing customer base here in the US.  After Selling Dalmatian Fire Equipment in 2007 and going to work for one of his largest Oilfield Safety customers “Total Safety” as their Canadian Operations Manager, Kim decided in 2012 it was time to go back to what he loved, working with Fire Department’s throughout North, Central and South America.

Kim studied International Business in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at the North American Institute of Technology and also attended the King’s University where he studied Psychology  &  Sociology.

Kim was a founder and board member of 2 non-profit organizations that provided Fire Fighting Equipment to needy, under funded Fire Dept’s throughout Canada, US and  Latin America “Helping Our Own and Fire Aid USA”.  Kim continues to donate SCBA, TOG, Extrication Tools etc… that he collects from Fire Dept’s to needy Fire Dept’s here in the US, Canada and throughout Latin Amercia . “I am so excited to be back in the business of working with Fire Dept’s and the petrochemical industry. Over the years I have seen many Volunteer Fire Dept’s struggle with finding affordable SCBA and PPE.  Underfunding, has caused and continues to cause struggles for those who are trying to provide adequate PPE equipment for themselves, their employees and the fire dept. volunteer’s.   I am proud that I am able to help provide an affordable life saving apparatus to those who serve and protect.”

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