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SCBA Sales & Rentals

SCBA Sales & Rentals is the largest supplier of refurbished SCBAs and cylinders on the globe.   We have customers in over 100+ countries and have sold over 200,000+ SCBA to date.  SCBA Sales & Rentals main office is located in Lindon, Utah, USA.

We at SCBA Sales & Rentals are especially proud to be the only company selling refurbished SCBA with technicians who have been factory trained for most of the various SCBA we sell.   We are proud to have the highest quality / lowest priced SCBA and Cylinders on the market.  We also offer a “Limited Lifetime Warranty”.  We offer our Limited Lifetime Warranty because we are proud and confident in the abilities of our SCBA Technicians.    We are also proud of our technicians because of the care and attention that goes into our refurbishing methods.  Unlike some of our competitors, we only use OEM parts and recommended manufactures methods (CEN, NIOSH & NFPA Approved) when refurbishing our SCBA.  When shopping for SCBA and/or cylinders be aware of companies who claim to have “self taught SCBA technicians”.   A wise man once said “A self-taught man usually has a poor teacher and is a worse student.”  


Our Company’s Mission Statement:

SCBA Sales & Rentals provides quality life-saving SCBA and PPE equipment so that First Responders are able to minimize loss of life, property, and the environment in and throughout this great country and to all countries wherever our customers may be, to also assist with fires, natural disasters, life-threatening situations, and to assist other emergency agencies.

We will achieve this mission through professional and progressive training and education while providing a first-class service to our customers.

Our Company’s Vision Statement:

It is our vision to be known as an innovative and progressive industrial / fire equipment supplier and service center.  We are dedicated to the delivery of effective breathing air equipment, rescue equipment, and quality fire/safety education to our employee’s and customers.   

We are committed to providing an environment which fosters teamwork among employees.  We desire to have an atmosphere of open communication which promotes the health and welfare of all individuals.


Mr. Kim Holman has been in the Fire Fighting & Petrochemical Safety Industry for over 30+ years.  He has owned, operated, and sold several successful companies over the past 25 years.  Canstar International, Utah – Ace Security Laminates, and Dalmatian Fire Equipment to name a few.  Mr. Holman sold Dalmatian Fire Equipment in 2007 and has had NO affiliation or association with the company or its owners since selling.  After selling Dalmatian Fire Equipment Mr. Holman stepped into the position of Canadian Operations Manager for Total Safety, one of the worlds largest safety companies.  In 2012 Mr. Holman purchased SCBA Sales & Rentals Co. and he has made it his personal goal to provide quality breathing air equipment and PPE at affordable prices to underfunded Fire Departments.  The list of markets SCBA Sales & Rentals sells and rents to include but are not limited to safety companies, environmental companies, pest control, oil refineries, gas plants, mines, drilling/service rigs (onshore & offshore), airport fire brigades, international air force bases, international naval bases, marine companies, hazmat, government agencies etc.

Here are a few of SCBA Sales & Rentals customers:

NASA, US Homeland Security, US Department of Defense, 3M, Chemours, Caterpillar, US Air-force (Japan, Doha, Nevada), US Navy, US Marine Corp, Utah National Guard, US Forestry Service, US Coast Guard, Statue of Liberty Fire Brigade, Total Safety, Al Mansoori H2S Safety, Secorp Industries, Safety Solutions, Kennecott Copper Mine, Triple Fox Energy, Egyptian Navy, King Khalid Int’l Airport (Saudi Arabia), Greece Olympics and hundreds of US Universities / Fire Academies, Thousands of US Fire Dept’s, Oil Companies, Safety Companies, Environmental Companies, Pest Control Companies, and many more satisfied customers around the globe.

Mr. Holman studied International Business & Marketing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at the North American Institute of Technology, & also attended the King’s University where he studied Psychology & Sociology.

Mr. Holman was a co-founder & board member of 2 non-profit organizations that provided Fire Fighting Equipment to needy, underfunded Fire Dept’s throughout Canada, US and Latin America “Helping Our Own & Fire Aid USA”. Combined, the 2 Non-profits donated over 30 Million dollars in fire fighting equipment.  Mr. Holman is no longer a board member but continues to donate SCBA, TOG, Extrication Tools, etc., that he collects from Fire Dept’s to give to underfunded Fire Dept’s here in the US, Canada, and throughout Latin America.  SCBA Sales & Rentals has donated $10 million+ worth of SCBA and cylinders since 2012.  

Mr. Holman has been nominated for the RED CROSS HERO AWARD for donating 4,000 pairs of Firefighting boots to Fire Dept’s shortly after Hurricane Katrina.

To all of our customers:  We are truly grateful to you for choosing us as your SCBA and/or PPE provider and for giving us the opportunity to serve you while we grow.  None of our achievements would have been possible without you, your trust, and your unwavering support.   


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