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SCOTT AP50 DUAL EBSS ( Emergency Breathing Support System )

Compatible w/ 1997 & 2002 NFPA 

Condition: Reconditioned

The DUAL EBSS hose is waist mounted and equipped with both female AND male quick disconnect and is used to supply air to or receive air from another respirator user. The hose may be connected to an extended duration air supply hose line to supply breathing air to the respirator user.

Breathing support is provided by one of two ways:

  • This hose may be connected to a compatible SCOTT SCBA configured with a quick disconnect in the regulator line by connecting the female side of the dual manifold to the regulator line, face-piece and head harness of the user to be supported.
  • Another respirator also fitted with this dual manifold hose may receive emergency breathing support by connecting the two dual manifolds together. Never connect the dual manifold hose to more than one other respirator at a time.

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