MSA Nightfighter M7 HUDS Receiver 2007 Reconditioned

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Clearly and easily see air cylinder content when wearing an MSA Ultra Elite Facepiece. This display system includes a transmitter assembly that securely mounts to the SCBA shoulder gauge pressure hose. Sends a digitally encoded signal to the facepiece-mounted receiver. Displays cylinder contents in one-quarter increments.



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Streamlined, rugged and lightweight, the Nightfighter Heads-Up Display (HUD) takes the guesswork out of the air volume remaining in your cylinder, regardless of the environment you’re in. Designed to meet and exceed NFPA 1981-2002 edition requirements for SCBA, the HUD system consists of three components that interface with MSA’s MMR Xtreme® Air Mask.



  • Nightfighter receiver will display your cylinder volume through a series of lights in 25% increments
  • Nightfighter HUD lights are easily seen where it’s positioned in the lower right quadrant of your Ultra Elite facepiece, yet out of your direct line of sight
  • Four green lights indicate a cylinder volume of 76% or greater, three green lights between 51 and 75%, two flashing amber lights between 26 and 50% and one flashing red light indicates when the cylinder volume is 25% or lower
  • Low battery warning indicator tells you when the batteries need replacing in the transmitter, receiver or both
  • A buddy light feature has been built into your Nightfighter HUD receiver. In low air alarm, the flashing red light is visible to your partner, immediately letting him know it’s time to leave
  • The system has two modes of operation: an intermittent mode (when the LED’s automatically come on when the cylinder volume range changes) and a continuous mode (when the LED’s remain on all the time), your choice
  • The mode of operation can easily be switched from intermittent to continuous, while the Air Mask is in service
  • Nightfighter HUD adjusts to meet your needs. A light sensor, built into the receiver, adjusts the LED’s light intensity. In sunlight, the LED’s brightness increases, allowing you to easily see the lights. In darkness, the LED’s dim, eliminating distraction and blindness that any bright light under these conditions would create

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