ICM® Tx Integrated PASS and HUD Transmitter 2007 NFPA

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The ICM 2000 Plus unit is an all-in-one combination PASS and redundant alarm with a built-in computer system that digitally displays SCBA performance information. The ICM 2000 Plus also offers a data logging and data downloading capability to retrieve up to 30 hours of SCBA usage information. The data provides information about the time of use, air consumption rate, ambient temperature, and alarm activation. Through the device’s IR (infrared) port, the data can be downloaded onto a personal computer for future evaluation.



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100% Overhauled & Ready to Use.

MSA’s ICM Tx Integrated PASS combines the safety
features of the ICM 2000 Plus integrated PASS with the
functionality of the Heads-Up-Display (HUD) transmitter
in a new integrated PASS device that’s fully compliant
with the latest requirements of the NFPA 1982-1998
edition PASS standard.

Because it is now a single component on the Air Mask,
firefighters benefit from a more compact and lighter
weight 1/3 lb less!) design. MSA has also standardized on
a single battery type for both the ICM Tx and HUD
facepiece-mounted receiver, the commonly available AA
alkaline battery, which provides up to twice the life of the
previous 9-volt and AAA batteries, which makes for fewer
change-outs and easy ownership.

Reconditioned & Tested

Available in 2216 & 4500 PSI

SCBA Sales Co. Toll Free – 877-347-3990 Email – sales@scbasalesco.com

Pre-Approved Net 30 terms for all Fire Departments!

Not a Fire Department?
Apply for credit by contacting us.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in

2216, 4500


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